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About Us

Hello family!! Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey that God is leading me through. Truly I'd be lost without His guidance and direction. I appreciate you visiting my site!!

So, what can I tell you about me??? Well from viewing my site, you are going to see that I love making just about ANYTHING!! I like experimenting with new mediums and devices. Lately, my vehicle of choice has been woodworking!! I never thought I'd enjoy working with wood the way I do but Y'ALL... I thought my favorite tools was the power drill but I have a new favorite... the scroll saw. Yes, it's that tool that creates the words out of wood that you see all the time, thankful, grateful and others. I've only cut out the word HI so I'm just learning to use it. But it is oddly satisfying. The wood smell, the sawdust... so exciting!! Weird right??

So about me... I am a servant and follower of Jesus Christ, a wife to my amazing husband of 11 years, mom to two adult men, CJ and Caelan. We have a quirky blended family because even my mom lives with us so my kids have always had two "moms" in the house. We love to eat and cook and have fun with each other.

Professionally, I am a teacher by trade for over 15 years. However, during this pandemic, I've been able to explore my many talents and curiosities making alss sorts of things. In the past, I've always used my talents to give- gift basket making, crocheting hats, baking cakes, etc. So now, I honestly feel as if my talents were increased because I've never really fully used my gifts to make money. I'm so excited to be finally sharing my talents with the world. This is scary because people always have so many opinions. Alas, here I am... I hope you enjoy my new blog, my creations, and most of all feel my heart through them.

XOXO- Courtney