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Starting a business during a pandemic- Crazy...right??

So for anyone who knows me, I've been crafting for YEARS!! It all started with doing hair- well, braiding to be exact. I braided hair in my dorm room at Hampton University. Thanks to my roommate at the time, she inspired me to begin braiding other peoples' hair beginning with hers of course...lol. Before you know it I was crocheting, sewing, gift baskets, weddings/ baby showers.... you name it.. I've tried it. But I never had the time to really play around with my "gifts" like I have in the last few months. 

Years ago, after I had been married to my wonderful, inspirational husband, he kept telling me that I was sitting on my talents and could be using them to earn income. I had delved into it mildly as I was creating gift baskets and had started to decorate small functions. Well, that grew into decorating proms, weddings and much larger events after a few years. It really was a passion of mine and I kept searching to add new crafts to my repertoire. I also found that I have somewhat of an artistic side and can see beauty in most everything so I also can add custom porch signs and flower stands to my list.

My love for creating things will be on display here. For years, I can't really say they were private but I think that God was perfecting them for this very time. A time to say just to me, "I think you can make anything with my help." During a time when my former employer didn't really value me, I learned to see my value and all of the other valuable things I had to offer the world. 

So here I am, on display along with my crafts. I hope to make the world more beautiful, more meaningful with every creation. And like my website says these are intended to be exactly that.... Divinely Inspired.

Thanks for listening!!

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